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Focusing on simularities rather than differences


Generation Z

  • Ages 9-24

  • 60 Million Americans

  • 30% of the World's Population


Welcome! I am a parent of three awesome kids, and we call northern Indiana home. I love being creative: I wanted to start something that i think could be special. I began brainstorming about building an e-commerce website during the summer of 2021. I read & researched ideas and it became apparent that I needed to come up with a "niche" - something that would reach a select group of people. I thought long and hard about it. One thing I knew is that I didn't want to just reach a specific group of people… I wanted to create a brand that would reach almost everyone on the planet.

With society focusing so much on our differences (races, religion, location, political views, economic wealth, sexual identity, etc.), I wanted to focus on our similarities. We are all a part of something: humanity. I think it is important that we realize this & start focusing on how we are alike and how we can make everyone on the planet feel that they are a part of something special no matter what. And so the brand XYZ was born! I hope you enjoy it and find something you like!

Disclaimer: Baby boomers (without which I wouldn’t be alive), the silent generation, the greatest generation, and generation alpha complete the seven generations that are alive today. I feel every generation is equally important, but XYZ sounded cooler for a business name, so here we are! I hope everyone reading this can find something that they’d love to have as part of their wardrobe.


Giving Back: We donate a buck from every order to the Global Vision Charity (this charitable organization helps underprivileged children from all over the world). We can’t talk the talk, unless we walk the walk!